InterNASHional Fans D'NashTurquia welcomes you !!!!

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InterNASHional Fans D'NashTurquia welcomes you !!!!

Mesaj  Ceren Bir Salı Eyl. 30, 2008 11:15 pm

Hi everyone!! Welcome to D'NashTurquia Forum... We hope you'll be happy while you're here... Please feel free to ask anything. Very Happy

I have to say that there's some rules all of us must understand...
1- Copyright protected products sharing is forbidden like most forums
2- Insulting, threating and these kinds behaviours based on country, etnical origin, religion, political views etc. is forbidden
These rules will cause punishments when they're broken

Actually we have more rules but these are the most important among them. I hope we won't have any problems with these stuff Smile

Have Good Times....

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